Rene Sickle Coaching SA



What’s is coaching about?

Win at business and at life. Enhance your effectiveness, gain powerful insights and clarity, and create new possibilities for your business and career.

Over the past few years coaching has emerged as one of the most effective ways to develop professional and personal skill sets for teams and individuals, business leaders and professionals.

Coaches help people improve their situations, get clear on the real issues, and achieve their goals.  They accomplish this by having various meaningful and significant conversations, and asking powerful questions.  These approaches trigger new, innovative ways of thinking about situations, and generate different and exceptional results, ensuring that you are well supported to get the results you need.


How does Coaching work?

“At the core of my coaching program there are five critical steps to success. They are:

  1. Define Your Intrinsic Goals – Intrinsic goals come from the heart. They are goals that energize, excite and make you feel alive, thus making success more likely.
  2. Set strategies to achieve your goals.
  3. Remove Hidden Blockers – There are stoppers to your success that you are not aware of. We need to dig them out and remove them. It’s like greasing the slide to success.
  4. Take Actions with Energy – With blocks removed, clarity, and motivating energy, you will make things happen – you will act.
  5. Celebrate your achievement!

The Neuroleadership Institute Results coaching is based on the most recent findings on the brain. This is a structured process that ensures that you stay on track and progress towards your desired outcomes.

Coaching is self directed because neuroscience has shown that no two brains are even remotely alike.  In other words, how you think is completely different to how I think.  So it is important that you make your own connections and create new wiring yourself based on your own experience.

We use the same structure in each session because neuroscience research tells us that the brain needs certainty.  When you know what to expect from each session, you are far more able to focus on what you are learning and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals, rather than wondering what is going to happen next.

A solution focus tends to put our brains in a positive emotional state and research shows that this is where we learn best and are most likely to have insights.  That’s why in coaching we focus on our vision for the future.

Reasons to hire a coach?

  • Grow your business
  • Grow your effectiveness in your business
  • Get more time in your day to think and work on your business
  • Develop a proactive approach in your staff
  • See a clearer picture of your business: get critical perspective on your life, your career, or your business
  • Gain momentum: Set vital long-term goals instead of focusing on the daily grind
  • Get an honest, neutral opinion on big issues
  • Get challenged to try new things, or ways of thinking, outside of your comfort zone
  • Gain valuable insight from answering questions based on years of business experience
  • Experience the safety of a ‘no holds barred’ conversation space: discuss your concerns, hash out ideas, and test theories
  • Be held accountable for goal setting and long-term planning
  • Get asked the tough questions (the ones you wouldn’t ask yourself)
  • Find support and encouragement when the going gets tough
  • Learn how to prioritise your business needs, facilitating business success, without compromising your physical and mental health.